The Home

Auntie Jo's is a large residential home in Olathe KS that allows foster teens in need the opportunity to feel safe, attend school, and learn life lessons to prepare them for their fast approaching future.

Auntie Jo's is currently under construction. Adding bedrooms, a bathroom, and additional living space.

The Kids

The youth of Auntie Jo's are teenagers currently under the care of the Kansas foster care system. The structure and activities provided at Auntie Jo's will allow the youth to thrive and grow during this challenging time.

Current Needs

Curious how you can help? There's an ongoing list of needs.

With a several unique living spaces to finish, 3 bathrooms to remodel, and a few outdoor improvements still in the works, there are plenty of opportunities for you to help!

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Foster Teens In Need

As of June 2015 there were 6,517 children and 2,872 foster homes in the Kansas foster care system.  With this shortfall home foster homes, there's a constant need for safe homes for children. Most of the children routinely lacking placement are teenagers.

Auntie Jo's has committed to serve this specific group of foster teens. The group of young adults need a safe place to build the skills needed to take the next step towards adulthood.

Our staff have years of experience in helping these teens thrive, focusing on a daily routine, extracurricular activities, and building up with positive words and actions.

Family united together holding hands

Next Steps...

There are many ways that you can help! Don't hesitate!